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The Anniversary Sampler Quilt

THE ANNIVERSARY SAMPLER QUILT *Book NOW available *MSRP $29.95, includes Shipping The Anniversary Sampler Quilt * * * * * * * * * * * * Every special occasion deserves a memorable quilt Celebrate any important event in life, from an anniversary or a birthday to a... read more

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Come Cruise With Me

North to Alaska Quilting Cruise is from August 11 – August 18, 2017. Click here for more information on the cruise. Make this pretty all over design using an assortment of dark, medium, and light blues and turquoises. The blocks are made in twelve sets of four... read more

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Craftsy – Learn to Piece LIKE A PRO!

Yay! My Craftsy class has gone live! And just for you, here’s a link to the class for $20 off the regular price. Piece Like a Pro is loaded with tips and tricks to help you cut, sew, and press your quilt blocks like a pro. The goal is to master essential skills... read more

Donna’s Favorites

Donna’s Favorites

Use sashings to add beautiful complexity to your quilt — without adding complexity to your construction! Don’t let completed blocks go unused! Learn how to make and customize a variety of sashings that will bring them to life as a gorgeous quilt. Enjoy... read more

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This class was so much more than I expected when I signed up. This class is pure gold if you’re a beginner or advanced beginner like me. I learned a lot of techniques and amazing tips that I know will make my piecing skills improve…even though this class covered some basics, it moved along quickly and at what I found to be a pleasant pace. Thank you, Donna Lynn! I hope to see more of your classes on Craftsy. ausquilt68

Student, Piece Like a Pro, Craftsy

I remember when I started quilting, I needed information. And lots of it. I got every book I could. I LOVE books like this, that not only teach how…but WHY? When a quilter knows the why, they know if they can tweak the method. They know when to be creative, and test the limits, and they know when to play it safe, and have a quilt that can stand up to the test of time. Sarah M. Bisel

Reviewer, Quiltmaking Essentials 2, Amazon

These quilts look really complex. Donna gives instructions for simple folded corners and how to apply the technique. It’s amazing and relatively simple. The thirteen projects will help hone your skills. The colours of the quilts are wonderful and there are alternative colourways too. The instructions could not be bettered. This book could take your quilting to the next level. K. Platt

Reviewer, Flip Your Way to Fabulous Quilts, Amazon

Best Quilting Class Ever! I have been quilting for a few year and taken many, many quilting classes, however i was still having issues with my quilting coming out looking really good. Now, after taking this class my quilts have improved considerably. Donna talks fast and she moves the class along, but this just tells me she knows her stuff. I was very impressed with the knowledge she imparts. Thanks for the great class. Archangels1946

Student, Piece Like a Pro, Craftsy