The Anniversary Sampler Quilt

THE ANNIVERSARY SAMPLER QUILT *Book NOW available *MSRP $29.95, includes Shipping The Anniversary Sampler Quilt * * * * * * * * * * * * Every special occasion deserves a memorable quilt Celebrate any important event in life, from an anniversary or a birthday to a... read more

Craftsy – Learn to Piece LIKE A PRO!

Yay! My Craftsy class has gone live! And just for you, here’s a link to the class for $20 off the regular price. Piece Like a Pro is loaded with tips and tricks to help you cut, sew, and press your quilt blocks like a pro. The goal is to master essential skills... read more

Hexagon Diamonds

Sewing these little diamonds into hexagons is a fun and easy project for sewing on the go. We traveled for the holidays so I took my repurposed candy tin with me, filled with  cut diamonds and everything I needed to make my star hexagons. Before leaving, I pre-cut a... read more

Half-SquareTriangle Units

Sewing half-square triangle units can be a tricky issue for most of us. Yesterday I tried a product for making them that I’ve resisted up to this point. Just as rotary cutting was coming into it’s own in the mid-80’s, new techniques abounded and many... read more

Blog hop

Welcome to Day 2 of Ruby’s Treasures Blog Hop! If you haven’t had the chance, you really must read the chapters in Ruby McKim’s book One Hundred and One Patchwork Patterns. I own a copy of her book but hadn’t read it in years. It’s a trip... read more


Sometimes we run across block pieces that are odd shapes not easily measured and cut using a rotary cutting ruler. What to do? Well, it’s not a problem when you know how to make good old-fashioned templates. Buy good pliable acrylic plastic to make your templates... read more

Binding an Odd Angle

Not all quilts are square but no matter their shapes or angles they all need a binding whether table topper or quilt. My new quilt, called Dancing With Blue (named courtesy of Susan Day on FB), was made using all the leftover demonstration visuals from my Craftsy... read more


Pressing is one of those ‘boring’ and often neglected subjects that is surprisingly important to the success of your piecing. I have a few tips to help.   Back in the mid-80’s when the world of quiltmaking was undergoing a massive transformation shifting from... read more


     The other day there was a discussion about basic cutting skills on one of the professional pages to which I belong. It seemed like a good refresher subject so here it is…… Just about everything we do with rotary cutting begins with the most basic unit, a strip.... read more

Miniature Quilts

I’ve been thinking of creating a smaller separate stash of fabrics suitable for just miniature quilts. But not just any small print will do.   Miniature quilts are so much fun to make but they have some special considerations when it comes to fabric choices,... read more


I just made an impulse buy on Etsy. I can’t wait for it to come in the mail! In reality, it’s been in the back of my mind for a couple of years now to find and buy this item. As I mentioned in an earlier blog, I started sewing at the young age of about four. My mother... read more


This was supposed to be the year set aside for learning some new things that I’ve wanted to tackle for quite some time. Life has interfered with those big plans but I’ve been learning some cool smaller things. And there’s still plenty of time left this year and... read more

Bouncing Around

This has been a scattershot week—one where I’ve gotten a lot done but it doesn’t feel like it since I’ve been bouncing around from project to project. Sometimes when I’ve got a lot of projects on my plate, I dive in and methodically work through them one by... read more

Sew Date

  Parents plan play dates for their children but we quilters have something just as much fun— a sew date! Saturday was a fun sew date with my long time friend Kari Hoyes. We’ve been friends and fellow quilters for almost 25 years and so she came over early... read more


I’m going to deviate a bit today from a quilt related blog to one about service—specifically military service. I’m going to deviate a bit today from a quilt related blog to one about service—specifically military service. Back in 1954, during the early... read more

Signature Quilt

I woke up this morning realizing that it was time to make a new signature quilt. My first one made in the mid-90’s is used, well loved, and with nary a spot left to sign. I woke up this morning realizing that it was time to make a new signature quilt. My first... read more


Aaaarrgghh! Do you ever not follow your own advice? Despite knowing full well that it’s a must to check my seam guide any time I mess with my machine I didn’t do that. Now I’m paying the price for my mistakes. Aaaarrgghh! Do you ever not follow your own advice?... read more

Block Play

There’s nothing quite like flipping and turning blocks to make new designs–I call it block play. There’s nothing quite like flipping and turning blocks to make new designs–I call it block play. My favorites are blocks with fun corners or a... read more

Itch to Stitch

April was a busy month. Now I’m home and hoping to satisfy my itch to stitch. April was a busy month with five trips of various types to quite a few places. Most of the month I was home long enough to unpack, prep for the next trip, repack and head back out... read more

The Birthday Present

I was honored and speechless to be considered for such a clever and thoughtful Birthday Present. Back in January I received an email from a man named Tom who wanted to give his wife one of my workshops as her birthday present. Wow! What a cool husband—definitely... read more

It’s Blog Hop Day #2!

Start blog hopping if you haven’t already! Today is day #2 of the Vintage Shirting and Dress Fabric blog hop. That makes it my turn to present a tutorial on one of my all time favorite blocks in two color-ways using Barb Eikmeier’s beautiful Vintage... read more

Home from Tampa

What a wonderful trip to Tampa! The group was terrific and the weather absolutely postcard perfect with blue cloudless skies, temperatures in the mid to upper 70’s and low humidity. My hostess, Candace, and her husband, Larry (he quilts too!), and I got to be good... read more

Travels with Bernice

It’s travel season again. I just came back from my dearest friend’s daughter’s wedding. If ever there was a perfect wedding, this was it. There were glitches beforehand but once it got rolling, everything fell together beautifully. The rain stopped an hour before the... read more

What was I thinking?

What was I thinking??? One of my current projects involves sewing a mosaic base composed of over 5000 blue 1″ finished size squares. Once the mosaic is sewn, there’s lots of embroidery and appliqué parts to go over it. Machine embroidery is new to me so... read more

The Pleasure in the Process

Hello again! As I mentioned in my previous blog, my first quilt was sewn on my little Singer Genie back in the 1970’s. Rambling around on the periphery of the quilting world of those times was the idea that to be authentic a quilt had to be done by hand. So quilt #2... read more

It all began in February 1975

March 14, 2016 February 1975 had been quite a month. I’d been to visit family in Wyoming and southwest Idaho during a break in school. I loved it so much I didn’t want to head home but my mother read me the riot act over the phone and so I went home to school and my... read more

It Doesn’t Get Much Uglier Than This!

Welcome to my brand new blog! I’m Donna Lynn Thomas. I go by Donna although I’ll answer to Donna Lynn—yes, there’s a story there. I’ve been quilting for decades. It just doesn’t get much uglier than this quilt does it? Well this falling apart thing was the start of it... read more

Quiltmaking Essentials 2 is Now Available!

This book has indispensable advice for setting your favorite quilt blocks together into a quilt top.  Together with Quiltmaking Essentials 1, you’ll have a resource library that takes you through every step of the quilt making process – start to finish.... read more

Come Cruise With Me

North to Alaska Quilting Cruise is from August 11 – August 18, 2017. Click here for more information on the cruise. Make this pretty all over design using an assortment of dark, medium, and light blues and turquoises. The blocks are made in twelve sets of four... read more

Quiltmaking Essentials 1

This information-packed book of tips and techniques is a must-have resource for new quilters – and a handy refresher for not-so-new quilters.  Author, teacher and piecing expert, Donna covers all the basics in this easy-to-use guide to successful quiltmaking.... read more


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