This has been a scattershot week—one where I’ve gotten a lot done but it doesn’t feel like it since I’ve been bouncing around from project to project.

Sometimes when I’ve got a lot of projects on my plate, I dive in and methodically work through them one by one completing each project before moving on to the next. Then there are other times when I can’t seem to focus like that but rather take a scattershot approach, bouncing around all over the place.

The problem with the second approach is you don’t feel like you’ve accomplished much at the end of any given day. It’s not until the projects are all done that you look back and notice that, WOW, you DID get a lot of stuff off your to-do list.

So here’s what I’ve been bouncing around with the past week………….

I finished all of my little chain blocks and most of the stars for my Vintage 30’s mini quilt. There are only six little stars left to do and they go fast. Bet I could finish those today………

They're almost all done!

They’re almost all done.

Just six more stars to sew!

Just six more stars to sew, all cut and ready to go. The bag keeps my cats from helpfully scattering the pieces for me 🙂

Bouncing around even more, I keep plugging away at my mosaic quilt. It’s boring work sewing the 1 1/2” squares together so I can’t spend a whole day working on them or I’d go nuts.  BUT I’ve found a way to tackle it in small bites. I lay out four rows from the right side of the quilt in order from top to bottom onto a flannel board. My little post-its tell me which way to press each row so I’m consistent and everything will nest from row to row. I use a different color pin (blue, red, yellow and white) in the far left square of each row and the same color in its position on the flannel board so I keep the squares for each row in order and don’t mix them up in the sewing process.

flannel board

Laying out four rows on my flannel board (these are for the left side)

right quadrant

Sewing the right quadrant

Then when that section of four rows is done, I lay out the same prints again into the same four rows but this time mirror image for the left side of the quilt. It takes about two hours to do those two sections. I have about six more sections to do for the bottom of the quilt. When that’s done, it’ll be time to lay out the squares for the top right quadrant on the design wall.

left quadrant

Slowly getting the rows sewn on the left side by mirror imaging the right quadrant

I have a trip next week and so I’ve been working on kits for the workshop. My kits are always optional, with class pre-cutting done, and make a smaller project or set of blocks so students can test a skill without investing a lot of money in something they may or may not like. I keep the prices low and offer 6-8 kits each in a number of color options so they can choose what they like best. For this class I have six color choices. If they don’t want to buy kits, they’re welcome to bring their own fabrics but the kits seem to be quite popular.

class prep

Making kits and student packets for my Boxes and Bows workshop

In addition, I needed an incomplete topper for the workshop to show how to make the on-point borders so I’ve been bouncing around making that in between other things. All that’s left to do with it now is to sew the pieced borders in parts to show the process.

Just need to sew the squares for the on point border strips

Just need to sew the squares for the on point border strips

Equilateral triangles have been bouncing around in my brain for a while so I played hooky from my real work and made a teeny tiny little mug mat from an old block I found in Barbara Brackman’s Encyclopedia of Pieced Patterns. It’s called Ozark Star. It took a couple of hours to make and is now basted and ready to hand quilt some evening. I’m using wool batting peeled in half to make a thin batting appropriate to the size of the little quilt. Wool is also super easy to hand quilt. I used a red backing to roll around to become the binding.

Ozark Star mug mat

Ozark Star mug mat

“Bouncing Around” weeks always leave me feeling guilty each day as if I’ve not gotten anything done. But when I look up at what I’ve listed here, it doesn’t seem so bad, does it?

Maybe next time I’ll have more completed things to show!