What a wonderful trip to Tampa! The group was terrific and the weather absolutely postcard perfect with blue cloudless skies, temperatures in the mid to upper 70’s and low humidity. My hostess, Candace, and her husband, Larry (he quilts too!), and I got to be good friends after spending so many days sewing and putzing around between events. Bernice traveled beautifully and I got a lot of sewing done.

Candace finished a wonderful creative challenge quilt over the weekend. Unfortunately, I can’t post the photo until after the great reveal in May. The ticket to their annual May tea is to complete a challenge quilt. Everyone who enters a quilt gets to go to this wonderful tea. Candace had never been and really wanted to go this year so she took the challenge which was to create a small quilt that evokes the image of a favorite song. She did an amazing job! After the big reveal next month, I’ll show you what she did.

Candace working hard in class!

Candace working hard in class!

Sadly, we didn’t get to the beach—-everyone else was headed there! Duh! April, beautiful weather, it’s Florida and so, of course, the traffic was monstrous and it seemed foolish to wait in hours of traffic for 15 minutes of toe-squishing in the sand. There will be other opportunities.


The Saturday workshop was Stars and Stripes Forever. This is a class based on my book Flip Your Way to Fabulous Quilts which presents a method of applying sew and flip concepts to create striped squares, rectangles, and triangles. In this case, the class focused on striped rectangles. You can see them very clearly in the star block. It’s a simple skill that creates all kinds of fun new shapes but also gives us the ability to make a ton of old blocks that have all kinds of striped units that we stopped making when we switched to rotary cutters instead of templates.


The shimmer in Shimmering Leaves comes from the striped rectangles and value gradation.

The shimmer in Shimmering Leaves comes from the use of value gradation in the striped rectangles.


By the end of class, almost everyone was well on her way to finishing her Stars and Stripes Forever banner.




At the guild meeting Monday night I met one of my Craftsy students which was really cool because I usually only get the chance to ‘meet’ Craftsy students online when they ask a question. Now I have a face to put with a name. That was pretty exciting for me.

The workshop students brought their projects for show and tell to the guild meeting and look at how many had it done! Some of them were even quilted and bound. Amazing and fun group of ladies!


IMG_4555 IMG_4554

I’m looking forward to seeing some of these ladies again as they’re planning on going on the Alaska quilting cruise with me next year. It’ll be a lot of fun to see familiar faces again.

Best Stitches til next time!