Welcome to my brand new blog! I’m Donna Lynn Thomas. I go by Donna although I’ll answer to Donna Lynn—yes, there’s a story there. I’ve been quilting for decades.

It just doesn’t get much uglier than this quilt does it? Well this falling apart thing was the start of it all way back in 1975. I’ll tell it’s tale next time but it started me on the road to the life of a passionate and addicted quilter and so here I am today.
zzzzI learned most things the hard way—trial and error—because back then, when dinosaurs roamed the earth and we all used templates, there was precious little help for someone working alone in a college apartment with the picture of a quilt. I just winged it. And then the 80’s happened and the rotary cutter was born, grew up, and tossed the world of quilting asunder (I love words!).

My goal over the years has been to pass along the knowledge learned and acquired since then so new quilters never make a quilt like mine!

Please follow along as I tell a tale of a fateful trip—anyone channeling Gilligan here?—nah—it was a fateful job interview actually—and pass on some of that knowledge now and then~

Best Stitches!