Hello again!

As I mentioned in my previous blog, my first quilt was sewn on my little Singer Genie back in the 1970’s. Rambling around on the periphery of the quilting world of those times was the idea that to be authentic a quilt had to be done by hand. So quilt #2 was sewn by hand as it was ‘supposed’ to be. I was lucky to find a book called Let’s Make a Patchwork Quilt by Marion Shafer and Jessie McDonald and taught myself the fundamentals. The fabric choices of the time were still little calicos and the popular colors for home décor as well as quilts were orange, brown and gold!
IMG_4432                   IMG_4433

Well I really enjoyed hand piecing and even though my books, classes, and the overwhelming majority of my quilts are all about machine piecing, there’s always a hand-pieced project nearby. Hand-pieced quilts may be a year or more in the making since they’re sewn in little bits of found time but they do slowly get done. And, oh the pleasure they provide by allowing me to work with my hands in the same way as those who knit or crochet! It’s not about the speed but rather the process.

My current project is a Double Wedding Ring quilt—something I’ve wanted to make for a long, long time! I’m not sure how big it will be in the end. That will undoubtedly be dictated by when I run out of the cream Grunge print I’m using for the background. The soft gray blues are soothing and I could see building an entire room’s décor around that color. The plums add just the right touch of warmth to the cool blues.

I don’t know how many different prints are in the rings I’ve made so far but there are a lot. Although most of the fabrics came from my stash—some of the prints are decades old—as I find plums and blues I like, I’ll buy a fat eighth and cut some more pieces. It takes me just under an hour to make one tear drop unit. Some day I’ll post the finished quilt but for now here are the bits and parts.


Have you ever tried or thought to try hand piecing? It’s simple, requires little equipment, and is a pleasant way to keep your hands busy!

This little pouch holds the cut pieces for about eight tear drop units, thread, pins, scissors, and needles ready to grab, go, and sew. Who says you can’t take it with you?


Until next time—-Best Stitches!