It’s travel season again. I just came back from my dearest friend’s daughter’s wedding. If ever there was a perfect wedding, this was it. There were glitches beforehand but once it got rolling, everything fell together beautifully. The rain stopped an hour before the wedding and then the sun peeked out just in time to make for a glorious clear evening. The bride was drop-dead gorgeous and the groom oh-so-tall (6’6”) and handsome. It was one of those sit back and watch youth in all it’s glory events that just makes you smile and reminisce and feel like all’s right with the world. It was a wonderfully relaxing weekend for me, but certainly not for my friend. I suspect she’s going to crash and burn this week!


Now it’s time to unpack, do laundry, and repack for a working trip. This time I’m planning to take my baby BERNINA on the plane with me in her pretty hot pink Tutto. I have a couple of days of free time in between events and my hostess has a nice sewing space so we’re going to sew! I have the blocks for my next cruise quilt all cut, bagged, and ready to sew and since Baby Bernice fits in the overhead bin on a plane, why not?


Well, of course there will be a trip to a fantastic local quilt shop my hostess says I absolutely must visit (the yelp you hear is my arm being twisted) and a short side trip to the beach to squish my feet in the sand and smell the salt air. Having grown up spending as much time at the Jersey shore as humanly possible, I sometimes miss the ocean in landlocked Kansas. I can’t wait to hear the waves and smell the salt air. It soothes my soul…………

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The last time I flew with Bernice and let them know at security what was in the carry-on, the TSA agent said they see it all the time. Now, that’s not surprising for the Kansas City area where I live as we have a very large and lively quilting community and a lot of us travel to shows a good bit, but I wonder about other areas of the country or the world. Have any of you flown with a sewing machine before? How did it work out? I’d love to hear your travel adventures!


Well, off Bernice and I go for sun, sand, sewing fun, and adventure!

Til next time–Best Stitches!