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The On-Point™ ruler gives us the freedom to rotary cut on-point units in both blocks and borders—free from templates or complicated math. 

In order for the nine-patch unit to fit perfectly on point in the center of the traditional 12” block, it must measure 6” on the diagonal. So, using a regular ruler, what size do we measure and cut the strips or squares for those nine-patch units? It’s difficult to do because each of those squares need to measure 2” on the diagonal to fit in the 6” space.  Our regular rulers measure the length along the side, not across the diagonal. We can do some funky math to try to find something that is close to fit but it is rarely perfect. What size square measures precisely 2” on the diagonal? Or we could draft and make templates.

In addition, the pieced half-square triangle units set on point on the sides of the block must measure 3” across the diagonal. So we are faced with the same dilemma—what size to cut? 

The On-Point™ ruler solves our on-point problems because it measures differently than a regular ruler, enabling us to cut right angle shapes that measure in even ” increments across the diagonal—-with total ease and precision. 

As a result we can cut individual squares, rectangles or triangles as well as strip-piece in the normal fashion while creating units that measure evenly across their diagonals.

Think of the possibilities for easy pieced borders! The pieced nine-patch units set on-point in the border of this quilt measure evenly on the diagonal for a perfect fit using the On-Point ruler.

The On-Point ruler sets us free from math and templates, allowing us to use our normal rotary cutting skills to set units on-point with no fuss or easing. 

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