April was a busy month. Now I’m home and hoping to satisfy my itch to stitch.

April was a busy month with five trips of various types to quite a few places. Most of the month I was home long enough to unpack, prep for the next trip, repack and head back out again. Now I’m home for a week and hoping to satisfy my itch to stitch.

I don’t know about you but if I don’t get a chance to sew for too long, I can get a bit cranky. I have to satisfy that itch to stitch. Sewing is not only a passion but it soothes me allowing me to sort through things on my mind, listen to a good audio book, or sometimes talk to friends I’ve had to neglect while on the road. At the end of a stitching day I always feel like I’ve accomplished something.

Right now I have several projects patiently waiting and calling for me to come pay attention to them. There’s the new cruise quilt, Blue Lake. The blocks are cut, most are sewn, but I’m itching to finish them and get them together into the quilt. The end is so close I can’t wait to see the finale.

ready to sew

Then there are a host of new miniature quilts I’d like to make. They’re only on the drawing board, but there’s one in particular I’d like to actually write up into cutting instructions so I can get going. After I made my little “Charmed I’m Sure” on the fall cruise last year, the desire for mini quilts has been sitting in my brain. They’re so much fun and quick to make but I haven’t had the time for even that much side fun. I’m dying to use this luscious selection of Michael Miller solids for one of the minis I have in mind.

future mini

The massive mosaic project is way, way behind schedule. I’ve gotten more squares in place on the design wall but it’s not enough. I absolutely must make headway on that this week. If I can get the two right quadrants laid out I’d be one happy camper!

mosaic project

And I finally ordered the fat quarters for French General’s new fabric line called Ville Fleurs. I love the plums in this line. What will I do with them? Hmmmm…. I’ll have to think of something.

French General Ville Fleurs

And of course there’s always something new. This time there’s a new project for a friend who is editor of a magazine. It requires a lap quilt which I designed yesterday and, of course, there’s that old itch to stitch it RIGHT NOW that comes with something all sparkly and new. I can’t show you that project yet but oh, I want to get started!

The itch to stitch is a very real thing to a lot of us. Do you fall into that category? How long does it take without sewing before you get the itch to stitch? How many projects are on your itch to stitch list?